September 10th 2018

Woodhope Siilinjärvi Vision published

Lundén Architecture Company has released a comprehensive vision for a pioneering wooden village in Toivala, Eastern Finland. Woodhope Siilinjärvi will accommodate 1 500 people and act as a gateway to the largest natural lake area in Europe, known for its internationally recognized cultural events, pristine nature and global bio-tech companies. The wooden village will explore the versatile properties of wood and serve as a testing ground for developing technologies in wood construction and sustainable energy solutions. The area will include 160000m2 of new construction consisting of offices, various types of residential buildings, a new hotel, public services, athletic training facilities and a state-of-the-art wooden sports centre. The innovations in wooden architecture and construction, set in the natural beauty of Toivala, will create a distinct identity for Woodhope Siilinjärvi as an innovative and sustainable vision for the future.

Construction of the first phase is set to begin in 2021.

Woodhope sports centre

Woodhope sports academy