January 22nd 2021

Torppala Ecovillage Concept Plan published

Lundén Architecture Company has completed a conceptual development plan for a carbon neutral, community-based ecovillage for 1000 new inhabitants in Torppala, Finland. The 50-hectare site is located between the centres of Turku and Kaarina, and close to significant nature and recreation areas. The land use plan recognizes, preserves and strengthens the existing features of the site, taking into account valuable natural areas, landscape, cultural heritage, and transport.

A Torppala eco-criteria was created in collaboration with a large group of experts to ensure the sustainable development of the area through different design and realization phases. The village plan and block concepts are based on the eco-criteria and principles of sustainable land use. Throughout the design process, a strong emphasis was placed on participation. Landowners, future residents along with local and external experts were closely involved in the development of the project.

For more information, please visit https://kaarina.fi/fi/torppala

View to Torppala Square