May 26th 2018

Another Generosity officially opens at the Biennale Architettura 2018

Another Generosity, curated by Eero Lundén and Juulia Kauste, is this year’s Nordic contribution to the 2018 International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. The Nordic Pavilion, designed by Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn, has been a collaborative exhibition space for Finland, Norway and Sweden since its completion in 1962. The project is commissioned jointly by the directors of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, and ArkDes. The exhibition was created by Lundén Architecture Company in collaboration with a collection of Nordic voices, Bergent, BuroHappold Engineering, Aalto University and Pneumocell.

Responding to this year’s theme of Freespace, the exhibition Another Generosity explores the relationship between nature and the built environment, and how architecture can facilitate the creation of a world that supports the symbiotic coexistence of both. The installation is part of a larger Nordic project, which attempts to foster dialogue, debate and criticism to help reveal new ways we can shape our world with another generosity.


The exhibition runs from May 26 until November 25.
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Image ©Andrea Ferro Photography