June 15th 2023

Metropolia UAS students develop innovative BIM practices

Picture of two Metropolia UAS students from behind working on a laptop

At Lundén Architecture Company, we are always seeking to develop our way of working to make the teamwork smooth and seamless. During this spring, we had the pleasure of welcoming Tella Asikainen and Adele Mansner from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to realize an innovation project with us to help streamline and harmonize our BIM practices. The project was part of their studies in construction architecture. We are really pleased with the results. You can read their article describing the project and its outcome here.

We are happy to provide opportunities to engage students in meaningful projects, which give them a chance to get involved in the process of making and developing architecture early on in their career. This is the second innovation project that we have collaborated on with Metropolia, and we will certainly continue to do innovation projects with them in the future.