January 31st 2023

Eero Lundén speaking on climate change and designing buildings for the future

Eero Lundén, will speak at a seminar on how to take into account climate change when designing buildings for the future. The seminar “Ilmastoviisas rakennushanke” is organized by Kiinko, Rakennustieto, and the City of Helsinki. The hybrid event takes place online and at Rakennustieto on Malminkatu 16 A, 8th floor, Helsinki on Wednesday, February 1 from 12:00 to 4:15pm. To attend the event online, please register at https://www.kiinko.fi/1132055. Registration closes today, January 31 at 4pm. 

The aim of the seminar is to bring together experts and authorities in the construction and real estate industry to discuss the renewed regulations for climate-considerate solutions, and reflect on how to make buildings last in our changing climate. 

Eero Lundén will address the challenges that climate change poses on the urban structure and the future of our cities in his talk titled “Climate change and architecture: what should we take into account when designing buildings for the future?”

Climate change challenges the construction and real estate industry in many ways calling for an entirely new way of thinking about building design. To achieve the emission reduction goals that we have set for the future, we need to come up with a whole new approach to designing sustainable buildings. This requires a lot of new know-how and a commitment to developing new solutions.

Buildings must withstand the effects of extreme weather phenomena, and their maintenance must be resource-efficient. When designing a new building, renovating or transforming an existing structure for a new use, we have to find solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our built environment.

For more information about the event and the program, please visit https://www.kiinko.fi/

Image: Kupittaa Partnership Project, courtesy of Lundén Architecture Company, Cobe & Arkkitehdit von Boehm – Renell