September 4th 2018

Lundén Architecture Company and OOPEAA win design-build competition for Puu-Kivistö

Lundén Architecture Company, together with OOPEAA and VSU Landscape Architects have been selected as winners of the Puu-Kivistö design-build competition in Vantaa. Their proposal, Kolmen kerroksen väkeä (Living Together on Three Levels), aims to create a vibrant and distinctive housing block in the new wooden district of Puu-Kivistö. The proposal offers a variety of apartment types, an active street level and communal green spaces, which feature artwork and biodiverse gardens. As the first wooden block in the area, the proposal seeks to exemplify the structural and aesthetic capabilities of wood in multi-storey housing construction. The design phase is now underway and the project will be realized in collaboration with Reponen Oy and Taaleri Vuokrakoti Ky.

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