June 12th 2023

“Kohtaamisia” has been selected the winner of the Espoolaistentalo Architectural Competition

Visualization of Espoolasitentalo competition proposal the wooden "Kohtaamisia" from the square

Lundén Architecture Company together with Danish architecture studio Cobe have won the competition to design Espoolaistentalo, a 24 000 m2 hybrid administrative building serving decision-makers, residents and city employees, as well as residential blocks in the central district of Espoo, Espoon keskus. The proposal, “Kohtaamisia” stood out for its ambitious and unique urban and architectural approach to the site, proposing a distinctly new construction for Espoolaistentalo and its surroundings that will strengthen the future identity of Espoon keskus and Espoo. 

The Espoolaistentalo area will serve as a diverse and vibrant heart close to nature with new residential buildings, commercial facilities, public transportation and interconnected green and cultural spaces.  By introducing an urban structure and connections that extend from north to south across the train tracks, the project provides a robust foundation for unifying the strongly divided sides of Espoon keskus. 

Espoolaistentalo reflects Espoo’s current approach to developing services, which is built on network-based cooperation.“Espoo House will be open to all and be an active interface and meeting place for the citizens and decision-makers who together contribute to the positive development of Espoon keskus. It will be a new kind of administrative building, built to support a more open and participatory society. With an environmentally conscious construction, it provides a good foundation for a healthy urban life at the heart of Espoo,” says Eero Lundén, Founder of Lundén Architecture Company.

The invited architectural competition was organised by the City of Espoo in cooperation with SAFA. The project will continue with the detailed planning and preparation of the project plan. Construction for Espoolaistentalo is expected to begin in early 2026 and to open in 2029.

For more information please visit: https://www.espoo.fi/fi/uutiset/2023/06/espoolaistentalon-arkkitehtuurikilpailun-voitti-kohtaamisia