September 2nd 2022

Vesilennuki 2 and Patarei Sea Fortress in Tallinn set to be ready by 2025

Vesilennuki 2 is a mixed-use block situated next to the historic Patarei Sea Fortess, which is currently being transformed into a seafront destination. Given its prestigious location, our project strives to not only strengthen the identity of Patarei, but also serve as a gateway to Tallinn’s transforming shoreline. 

To complete the sea fortress, two triangular volumes, reminiscent of the fortress’ triangular lunette, are introduced. The new buildings complement and unify the historic collection of structures that exist in the area.  Similar to the curved gorge, the corners of the buildings are rounded, creating a dialogue with its historical context. 

The block consists of two recognizable buildings, which house ground floor commercial spaces, one-of-a-kind seaside apartments and offices that open to the city centre and Patarei. The layers of the block provide distinct and welcoming outdoor spaces, from active pedestrian streets and plazas, to tranquil terraces.

Vesilennuki 2 is made in collaboration with Arhitekt11. The building permit application is currently being processed and the Patarei Sea Fortress complex is set to open in 2025.

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