Building Design

We produce meaningful and lasting buildings that suit your means and needs. Our spatial designs, whether interior or exterior are centred around people. Our explorations in innovative building technologies become the foundations for future buildings.

We continually question what buildings are and how they are produced.


Strategic Development

We develop comprehensive proposals that affect the future of built environment. We seek to turn visions into viable design strategies by understanding and reconsidering existing conditions and contexts.

Our process involves leading experts and consultants from a range of sectors: private, academic, public and third parties, which bring added value to complex and multi-faceted solutions.

Urban Environment

We create innovative urban environments by incorporating our knowledge of strategic development, experimental building technology, and urban and building design with the knowledge gained from our collaborations with experts from different fields.

We shape visions for future urban environments. Our designs give form and identity to urban areas and include diverse functions that provide potential for further development. We design environments that connect people and places, and facilitate movement within the city.