November 23rd 2022

“Agora” selected as winner of the Aninkainen Concert Hall and Turku Vocational Institute area competition

“Agora”, a proposal created by Lundén Architecture Company in collaboration with Lapti Oy, has been selected as the winner of the Aninkainen Concert Hall and Turku Vocational Institute area competition. Organized by the City of Turku, the competition called for a concept of high architectural quality to support the future growth of this central and historically valuable site as a place of multifaceted activities and uses.

The name “Agora” comes from the Greek language and means “gathering place”. The proposal builds on the rich layers of the culturally remarkable site to create a lively gathering place for people in the centre of Turku. Preserving the existing and complementing it in new ways, “Agora” makes use of the potential offered by existing culturally protected buildings to form a comfortable and green urban milieu. In addition, new housing combined with versatile possibilities for activities and hobbies help bring new life to the area. Considering the needs of different age groups with a focus on the younger generation, the proposal creates a framework for a vibrant urban community.

Giving the proposal full points for quality, the jury praised “Agora” for its balanced and well thought out treatment of the surrounding urban milieu, and for its carefully considered approach to bridging together old and new. Its capacity to activate the existing buildings with a multifaceted range of new functions as well as its generous shared green spaces were also noted as strengths of the proposal. Pleasant and versatile possibilities for spending time both inside and outside help bring different people together and contribute to the spirit of “Agora”. Relaxed public lounges, green yards, green roofs, balcony gardens and spatial art enliven the urban space and increase living comfort with both public and private outdoor spaces and courtyards.

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