April 14th 2023

Eero Lundén is speaking at TEDxTartu ED on April 15

Visualization of Raadi from park

The field of education is characterized by a continuous wave of changes and reforms. However, are changes always justified and intelligent?

This year, the topic of TEDxTartu ED is education. Speakers will offer interesting viewpoints, share bold ideas, and ask burning questions on the present and future of education.

The main focus of the conference is intelligent solutions. In their TED talks, the speakers will reflect on the potential benefits and challenges brought on by intelligent solutions both in curriculum development and in the physical learning environments. They will also address questions relating to digital solutions and involvement in intelligent (self-directed) interactions between teachers and students, and in the relationship between theoretical knowledge and the skills actually needed on the labor market.

In his talk, Discovering the School for the Future, Eero Lundén looks at the pivotal relationship between education and the school building as the physical place of learning. As society is changing, our understanding of how learning happens is transformed. We need to rethink our learning environments.

Throughout the history of education, school buildings have undergone many changes reflecting the changes in society. Today, the transition from subject based teaching to phenomena based learning calls for a transformation of the school building yet again.

Through four architectural designs for educational buildings in Estonia and Finland, Eero Lundén highlights key aspects of transformation in this process: space, programme, building, and relation to landscape. To create good learning environments that respond to the changes in society, we need to push the boundaries at all these levels.

The TEDxTartu ED event takes place at the Science Center AHHAA! in Tartu, Estonia on April 15, 2023 starting at 9:00 EET.

For more information about the event, please visit https://www.tedxtartu.com/avaleht-1