Positioning building within the landscape and towards the sea

© Angel Gil

Villa Porkkala is a summer villa located at the tip of the Porkkala peninsula in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The complex consists of a main villa, guest villa, carport with storage, and generous terraces surrounding each building. The predominant use of wood combined with spectacular sea views gives the project an extraordinary character.

Location: Kirkkonummi, Finland

Size: 280 m2

Year of completion: 2015

Team: Eero Lundén, Alli Bur, Maija Parviainen, Emma Koivuranta

© Angel Gil

Villa Porkkala is located at the tip of the Porkkala peninsula in Kirkkonummi. The 1 000 ha site sits on top of a cliff with exceptional views of the Finnish Gulf archipelago. The lighting, spectacular sea views and the high rocky platform became the starting points of the design strategy.

The project consists of a 160 m2 main villa, 53 m2 guest villa and a 104 m2 carport with storage. All the buildings are single-storey and apart from the steel and glass facades of the main villa and guest house, constructed almost entirely of wood. The exterior is cladded in dark grey timber and the entrance façade in wooden lamellas.  The roofs are constructed from standing seam metal roof panels.


© Angel Gil


The villa and guest house are surrounded by wooden terraces. The roof extends over the southern terraces, shading the interiors from excessive sunlight. The interior floor and ceiling heights are continued to the exterior terrace and roof canopy, emphasizing the direction towards, while also framing the sea views.

The main villa building consists of a generous 75,5 m2 living space, including the kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, baths, and utility areas. The social areas of the villa open to the south with large floor to ceiling glass facades and sliding doors. In contrast, the private areas situated on the villa’s north side have modest openings to the south, north and west. The guest villa features a small kitchen area, bathroom and two bedrooms that open to the sea. The overall project was carefully detailed to give the building a contemporary and streamline aesthetic and accentuate the natural surroundings.

Large glass facades on the south side of the villa open to the sea view and create a seamless transition between interior and exterior.

© Angel Gil

© Angel Gil