Strategic development for uniting a divided city centre

Valkeakoski Centre Master Plan focuses on the development of the southern and northern city centres, transforming these two separate areas into one urban entity. The main focus is on the southern centre, an area lacking urban development. It currently consists of large parking areas, heavy traffic connections and sparsely built infrastructure. The transformation of the southern city centre into an urban waterfront area together with a new northern park and connections between them create a strong and recognizable identity for the city of Valkeakoski.

Location: Valkeakoski, Finland

Program: Master Plan

Size: 80 000 m2

Status: Commission 2011

Client: City of Valkeakoski

Team: Eero Lundén, Maija Parviainen, Emma Koivuranta, Christopher Erdman


The aim of the project is to create guidelines for transforming the southern and northern parts of Valkeakoski into an attractive centre and spurring future development in the city.

The plan focuses on the development of the southern centre and its unification with the northern centre. The development of the northern centre begins with a new waterfront park design. The waterfront park aims to create an active connection between both sides of the river, at the same time, offer prime locations within the park landscape for small businesses.

Development of the southern centre has fallen behind due to unilateral improvements on the northern side. Unlike the active commercial and medical services of the north side, the main services of the south include a bus terminal and service station. The existing road network serves heavy traffic and a large portion of unbuilt areas are used for open parking.  The park areas and waterfront are also inaccessible. However, the southern centre has potential to become an appealing and recognizable waterfront urban space, providing high-quality diverse services and housing, as well as main transportation node with the construction of a new bus terminal. Over the next decade, the development of southern Valkeakoski will become a major focus for the city.

South bus terminal

The plan’s main objective is to unify the disconnected city centres with the introduction of new traffic routes, and new connections and public areas leading to the waterfront. The key elements of the south centre development include fostering an active street space, high-quality and varied building types with an emphasis on housing, and functional and active courtyards.

The plan aims to revitalize the southern centre of Valkeakoski by introducing diverse urban blocks and establishing a new waterfront connection.

North Waterfront

Aerial of north waterfront

South Waterfront