Museum as the heart of the new art district

Tampere Art District proposes a new anchor and art district in the Pyynikintori area. The new museum extension, together with Pyynikintori, will act as the cultural heart of the region, as an urban living room and a catalyst for the development of the city.

Location: Tampere, Finland

Program: Urban planning and building design of new museum extension

Size: 5000 m2 museum extension, 16 000 m2 infill development

Status: Shared third prize in single-stage open international design competition

Client: City of Tampere, Tampere Art Museum

Collaborators: Jouni Lehtomaa

Team: Eero Lundén, Maija Parviainen, Ron Aasholm,
Carmen Lee, Emma Koivuranta, Xudong Yan, Tuuli Loukola

Art Terminal and Pyynikintori Square- Culture for all
Pyynikintori terminal, situated between the museum extension and the Pyynikintori square will be developed into Tampere’s western hub. The distinct city terminal will connect art and other cultural activities in the region, making art present in the everyday life of visitors and residents.

The terminal canopy draws from Tampere’s industrial history. The canopy is composed of lightweight reflective steel structures resembling paper planes, that reflect the surrounding environment. Pyynikintori’s terminal canopy not only marks the entrance to the new district, but also completes a series of existing terminal canopies within the city.

Pyynikintori square will be transformed into a new urban space and become the heart of the Art District. Existing car parking will be removed to make way for a multipurpose square, which will feature outdoor spaces for a variety of events such as concerts and markets. The southern edge of the square will feature a park-like landscape, which will conceal the entrance to the underground parking. The use of surface materials and lighting help to seamlessly connect the square with the new art museum. Infill developments in the adjacent block complement the surrounding buildings and offer new work-live apartments with commercial and cultural spaces on the ground floor.

New Art Museum- A public living room
At the core of the Tampere Art District is the new art museum, an urban living room serving the entire district, locals and visitors. The building adopts the coordinates of the Pyynikintori Square, strongly linking it with the classical composition of its surroundings. The massing opens towards Pyynikintori square and the existing art museum. A generous ground floor houses multifunctional public spaces that encircle a green inner courtyard. The extension consists of three elevated volumes: museum offices, museum apartments and the art museum. The art museum volume is oriented toward Pyynikintori square, creating a strong presence on the northern side of the square. The temporary exhibition spaces located on the second and third floors are varied in size and heights, and adaptable to exhibition needs. Skylights and atrium, along with louvred façades help fill the exhibition spaces with indirect natural light.

“Today’s art museum does not need to be overly dignified, but rather straightforward and approachable.”