Creating a self-sustainable eco-village in the heart of Finnish nature

Masala Eco-Village is a self-sustainable and carbon neutral village situated in the municipality of Kirkkonummi. The planning of the eco-village is guided by ecology and a sense of community. It also explores new ways of living and working.

Location: Masala, Kirkkonummi, Finland

Size: 40 ha, 38 000 km2

Status: Urban planning, ongoing

Client: Innodriver Oy

Team: Eero Lundén, Sirkku Huisko, Hannele Cederström, Bertta Röning, Tuuli Toivonen, Merve Ünlü, Fia Tornberg, Carmen Lee, Feng Ye, Julius Kekoni, Petri Herrala, Maija Parviainen, Eila Lumme

Collaboration: Eriksson Arkkitehdit Oy, Masalan Ekoälykylä Oy, Innodriver Oy

A sustainable community made possible by the current rail network and digital services

The village of about 1000 inhabitants is designed to bring people of different ages and needs together in the heart of Finnish nature. The eco-village utilises modern technology and makes use of the nearby rail network. It promotes new and existing forms of sustainable transportation, such as electronic buses, shared e-cars and bicycles. A large solar panel field produces electricity and heat for the entire community. Life cycle emissions of materials are carefully considered in the construction of the buildings. The village takes advantage of modern technology to achieve mass-customisation in prefabricated building systems.

A village house forms the heart of the community. It serves as a meeting point for the residents and visitors, offering a variety of services and social facilities, including postal services, library, remote working and co-working spaces, as well as multifunctional spaces for events, indoor exercise, and market. Other community spaces include a daycare and senior housing.

A central square, playgrounds and nature trails  act as outdoor meeting places for the community.  Communal yards are surrounded by a cluster of different housing types that cater to varied lifestyles. The village is integrated with its natural surroundings and aims to bring residents closer to nature. Houses are carefully placed in the existing topography and landscape to preserve ecological connections and as much of the forest as possible.

Masala Eco-Village is an ongoing project with Kari Savolainen and Tengbom. Together, we are working to create a self-sustaining community and a place to collectively live together.

The eco-village is integrated with its natural surroundings, bringing residents closer to nature.